Things You Need to Know Before Buying an Apartment in Istanbul

I am also unable to apply to the Turkish ID / Passport in Istanbul because I do not have a tangible place of residence. I would strongly recommend Property Turkey to anyone looking to buy a property in Turkey, not only for the wide range of options they provide, but also for the professionalism & integrity they bring to the table. I would also like to put on record my appreciation of Ms. Aleyna of PT who tirelessly drove us around the city, showed us properties on a weekend, gave us a lot of information and helped us to select the right property. Overall I enjoyed my experience with Property Turkey, I highly recommend the company if you want an agent who will work for you very hard to get a great outcome.
However, if you need to transfer regular amounts of at least a few hundred pounds/dollars or need to make a larger one-off payment (e.g. for a house purchase) you should consider the services of a currency broker. There are many ways of sending money from one country to another. As always, expats can save themselves a lot of trouble and expense if they do a little research and shop around for the best deal.

You may file a motion for the correction if the appraisal district appraised your non-residence homestead property at least one-third higher than its correct appraised value. You must file this motion and pay taxes on the portion of the property value not in dispute before the delinquency date. The appraisal roll cannot be corrected if the property was subject to a property value protest for that tax year.
If you want to buy a home in a metropolis or are looking to profit, Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir should be your top choices. If you want sun, sand and the sea most of the year, Fethiye or Alanya could make you very happy. Property Selling Guide – Especially for those who want to own an investment property, the location of the property can often be more important than the house itself. It is a good idea to list the proximity to public transport, the quality of educational institutions in the area, and other opportunities to attract a buyer. A potential buyer who will contact you through your listing on the real estate site would like to understand that you are someone he/she can trust while reviewing your listing.
Once you’ve established the company, you’ll need to prepare and file all of the necessary documents with the Trade Register. Once you’ve set up an office in Turkey, you’ll need to register with a professional association and apply for any necessary licenses. After that, you’ll also need to pay the social security premiums to the SGK. You should also make sure that the Real Estate Agency has a Tolerance Realty Certificate. It’s a legal document that allows the real estate agent to work in Turkey. It also means that the realtor will be able to comply with new laws.

Many people will not be comfortable with the idea of investing in Turkey. Recently, Turkey disclosed that they’re probably going to raise the price of the program. But they’d only be doing that if they felt they could comfortably get that. So, if you need a quick solution for accessing the US, a Turkish passport might be just the thing.
Myriem, who was our first point of contact, impressed us with her professionalism and very personal service since day one. Both Myriem and Onur promptly addressed our queries and ensured that we were fully satisfied rather than pushing through to quickly complete the sale. Our attorney Dilara has been very honest and upfront with us about all the requirements. In spite of being extremely busy, she has been working diligently at every stage of the process.

Property Turkey can be fully trusted, they are highly professional and make the process as easy/fast as possible. I found the agents very professional, friendly and cooperative. I would highly recommend Property Turkey for foreigners looking to purchase properties in Turkey. Special shout out to Hazal who is incredibly helpful and patient in showing me various property options across Istanbul. She is truly amazing and a perfect example of the “client first” spirit. Low-Rise Uskudar apartments are now rising in Cengelkoy where nature and history meet.
If you paid the taxes, the taxing units will send you any refund resulting from the change on the appraisal roll. After filing your protest, you will receive written notice of the date, time, place and subject matter for a formal hearing with the ARB. You may request an informal conference with the appraisal district to try to resolve your protest before the ARB hearing. If you are not able to resolve your protest informally, you can continue your protest to the ARB. At the formal hearing, the ARB listens to both the taxpayer and the chief appraiser. You may discuss your objections about your property value, exemptions and special appraisal in a hearing with the ARB.
Many newcomers on buying property in turkey want rapid profits, which causes them to make hasty judgments that often result in a loss. Real estate is one of the fastest-growing industries in Turkey, providing investors with a high rate of return, but patience is the key to success in this industry. We cannot deny that real estate companies work to make a profit, but the notion that they earn many commissions in Turkey is false.

The villas are now for sale at special prices for the launch. Our company gives correct and appropriate feedback to the Turkish Government through these related foundations. We aim to contribute to improvements in the practice in the government offices.
Get in touch with a Portugal real estate agent who can help you find the home of your dreams in Portugal. In addition to Common Assessments, the Board of Directors may, subject to the provisions of this section, levy Special Assessments for the purpose of raising funds to deal with unanticipated matters concerning the Property of the Association. Special Assessments shall be equally, uniformly imposed upon Lots as provided in Section 8.6. The maximum amount of any Special Assessment may not exceed, including Common Assessments, a total of $400.00 per Lot per year or the maximum amount allowed by law to remain exempt under the Colorado Comments Interest Ownership Act. Common Assessments shall be sufficient to meet the expected needs of the Association as set forth in these covenants. Common Assessments shall be allocated equally and uniformly among all Lots , so that each Owner is obligated to pay an equal Common Assessment for each Lot owned.

There is an increasing demand for Istanbul real estate from overseas buyers. It makes the real estate value in the megacity increase day by day. Had I known I would be in this situation, I would have saved myself the hefty commission that comes with dealing with an allegedly professional company and went browsing on Sahibinden , or contacted a local Emlak instead! I thought employing the services of such a company would make my life easier; I was painstakingly wrong. When time came for investing in Turkey, choosing Property Turkey as an agent was easy.

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